What We Do

The group’s investment philosophy covers two key areas of interest: ownership and partnership.

With a wealth of experience within our team, we bring a professional and collaborative approach to all transactions we are involved in. Our senior team combined with our market leading professional advisors allow us to participate in any deal that meets our investment criteria.


Our ongoing strategic plan is to continue to acquire or participate in a diversified portfolio of real estate investments across New Zealand that meet our company's mandate.

Our objective is to find the value-add angle, creating either long-term capital growth or short-term added value through the repositioning of assets. 

We identify assets with growth potential then explore the possible repositioning opportunities, before making a final strategic decision on the assets’ future. Our team is well versed in value optimisation through real estate investment, and strong at identifying unique value-add opportunities.


Our main two types (but not limited to) of equity partnerships we work with in either a silent or participatory basis are: joint ventures and equity underwriting.

Joint Ventures

We partner in joint venture opportunities where we can contribute our strong capital funding as well as years of property investment and development expertise to the table.

We will look to team with reputable partners on projects that have a strong commercial platform, to which we can contribute equity as well as our team’s knowledge and understanding of the property market. 

We believe in developing active partnerships, and bring our ability to make decisions quickly and work efficiently as part of a dynamic team. 

Equity Underwriting

Vantage Group will act as a silent equity partner to facilitate the settlement of property deals that require additional financing to proceed. 

With access to substantial capital funds, we are open to opportunities at any level. In these transactions Vantage Group acts solely on an equity basis, with competitive terms and the ability to move quickly and efficiently.